Frequently Asked Questions

I just registered and I can't log back in

1. Make sure that this is an account that you signed up with in our new system. If you signed up for an ESS account prior to April 5, 2010 your account is no longer in our system and you will have to re-register. To register, please go back to our homepage by clicking Here and clicking on the Sign Up button.

2. Make sure that the email address and password combination that you are trying to use is the same as you registered with.

3. If you are still not able to login, Please reset your password by using our forgot password tool which you can find by clicking Here.

I am trying to change my password or create my account and the system doesn't accept the password

Please make sure that you are following our Password rules. You password must be 6 to 12 characters and must contain at least one capital letter and one number.

I just registered and I didn't get the email to log on

In our new system, you don't need the email to log in, after you register you can log in immediately. However you will receive an email after you register, change account information, submit a repair, or a change of status has occurred with your repair so please verify the following things:

1. Verify the email address that you registered with is the one that you are checking.

2. Verify that the email is not caught in your spam filter. (This may be on your local system or on your local ISP (Internet Service Provider))

3. Please add to your address book so that your email program knows that to allow the email replies from Casio Repair to come through.

I am trying to place a repair and I can't find my model number

With our ESS system, we ask you to search for your particular model. If you are not able to find your model # on your product, please see the question for I can't find my model number, by clicking Here.

When you search for your model number, please make sure that you provide at least the first 3 characters (Letters & numbers) of your model. Please do not enter any Spaces, #, -, or _. The models that are shown may not match your model exactly. Please use the model name and the model Description to choose the model that best fits your model.

The models that are shown are the ones that we accept through our system for repair. If your model is not on the list, you can still send it in as a Non-ESS repair to the closest repair center (address listed below) to you with the following information:

In the event that your product needs repair after the warranty period, an Authorized Service Center can furnish a written estimate upon request (rates vary between facilities).

Please note that Casio is not responsible for the memory contents of any device under going repair nor for goods damaged or lost in transit to our repair facility.

If you live West of the Mississippi River and you want to submit a product
for repair that is NOT a GreenSlim Projector, please send your repairs
to our West Coast Authorized Service Center below, other wise choose the repair location closest to you.

East Coast Service Location
Casio America, Inc.
ATTN: Repair Center
570 Mt. Pleasant Ave.
Dover, NJ 07801
Phone: 1(800) 706-2534 and choose option 2

West Coast Service Location
The Time Machine
2029 Verdugo Blvd. #701
Montrose, CA 91020
Phone: 818-249-6007

Puerto Rico Service Location
Second Chance Service Ctr.
228 Barbosa Avenue
San Juan, PR 00917
Ph: 787-758-8200
Fax: 787-758-8272

I can't make payment

With our repair system, you will be notified that an estimate has been issued for your repair. If the estimation process has not been completed then you will not be able to make that payment until this occurs. If you want to know the status of your repair you can check online by logging into ESS or you can call 1(800) 706-2534 and choose option 2 or email

I can't find my model number on my product

To find the model numbers for the specific type of product, please follow the directions below to find your model number.

WatchesLook on the back of the watch, the Module # is the 3 or 4 digit number inside of a box, the Model number is the letters and numbers that are to the right of the box (ex. GS-1100, BGA-123, GMN-550, PRW-5000Y, WV-200DA, EF-340SB, EQS-500C)

CamerasFor all Cameras except for the TRYX, the model is on a sticker on the bottom of the Cameras (ex. EX-H10, QV-120).

For the TRYX camera, the model number is on a sticker on the inside of the handle (EX-TR100_WE for white and EX-TR100_BK for Black).

KeyboardsThe model number is on the top of the keyboard above the keys (ex. PX-130, AP-6, SA-76, CTK-700, WK-6500, LK-230)

CalculatorsThe model number is either on the Front Above the LCD display or on the back either on an ID Plate or imprinted on the back of the calculator (ex. fx-CG10, HS-10, DR-210, JF-100, SL-200)

ProjectorsThe model number is on an ID plate on the bottom of the projector (XJ-A250, XJ-ST155, XJ-H1650, XJ-M255, XJ-S48)

Cash RegistersThe Model Number can be found on an ID plate on the Bottom or Side of the Register (ex. 140CR-SC, PCR-T280, TE-1500, TK-1550, BT-9100, QT-6600, CE-6000)

Label PrintersThe model number is on an ID Plate on the bottom of the Label Printer (ex. CW-E60, KL-60L)

What are your repair terms and conditions?

To view our Repair Terms & Conditions please click Here.

What are your upgrade terms and conditions?

Upgrades are offered for qualifying cameras to you as a complete replacement and are reconditioned products. Please note that these cameras may come with possible minor cosmetic flaws. The upgrade you choose is not returnable or exchangeable. Upgrade models are only available in limited colors. Your preferred color may not be available and Casio reserves the right to substitute with other colors based on inventory. Our reconditioned products come with a 1 - year limited warranty.

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