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1. CASIO LIMITED WARRANTY – CASIO will repair a customer product at no cost to the original purchaser subject to the terms and conditions of the limited product warranty that is expressly stated on the warranty card packaged with the product. Details are also available at our website.
2. SERVICE WARRANTY – CASIO Factory Service Center or its authorized service centers guarantees the repair for 90 days. If the repaired product fails in the same area of original repair request and provided there is no evidence of abuse or misuse.
3. AUTHORIZING A SERVICE – Please log in to Casio Service System to view and approve your service estimate. Retain a copy of this estimation for your records.
4. DECLINING SERVICE - If you do not wish your product to be repaired or replaced at this time and want the product returned Un-repaired, please log Casio Service portal to indicate your request. A minimal fee of shipping and handling charges apply
5. NO REPLY TO ESTIMATE - CASIO may close the service request if customer fails to reply to the service estimate after 60 days from date of original notice.
6. COSMETIC ITEMS – CASIO Factory Service Center does not refurbish products. Damaged cases, trims and other cosmetic parts may be replaced at additional cost unless replacement of these parts is necessary to restore the functionality of the product.
7. FOR WATCHES, our service includes water resistance testing, module draw test, calibration and function check, and time setting.
8. At Casio’s sole discretion, your product may be repaired using CASIO reconditioned / replacement parts or may be replaced with the same or similar NEW or reconditioned product model. If you do not wish your product to be replaced, please advise us in writing or email us at .
9. EXTREME DAMAGE OR CORROSION – if additional damages are found due to corrosion, liquid damage, sand, impact, battery leakage and/or any evidence of abuse or misuse, a revised estimate will be sent to you for approval.
10. STORED DATA - CASIO cannot guarantee preservation of data. Data stored in the memory circuits of a computing device undergoing repair may be lost due to battery removal.
11. SHIPPING – CASIO requires a physical address to ship your order. If a P.O. Box is provided, your product will be shipped via U.S. postal service.
Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping product to the Casio Factory Service Center. It is recommended to ship the product with tracking and insurance. CASIO shall not be held liable/responsible for products received damaged or lost in transit.
12. DISCLAIMER – In no event shall CASIO be liable for any special, indirect, consequential or incidental damages whatsoever arising out of any defect or failure of the products after repair or while the product is being repaired.
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